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Webmaster ‘netiquette May 17, 2010

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Had to come back for this.  Stephen Green over at Vodkapundit has a blog post on nasty things webmasters do:  Flash, popup ads, etc.  Read the whole thing, including the comments.  Some great stuff there.  I think, in all my spare time, that I might put together at least a series of articles on this.  There’s really no excuse for some of the crappy things webmasters put on their sites.

Good stuff.


Random Links on a Tuesday Afternoon July 22, 2008

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Something to while away the time:

  • A CLang review at Rogue Amoeba.  Something to get into more as I teach myself Objective-C and Cocoa.
  • 15 online tools.  Something for every tech-head.
  • Myth of Consensus Explodes.  Oops.  Maybe there really is a difference of opinion about AGW?  Here’s the original article at APS.  Heh.  They’re using Cold Fusion to drive their site.  No wonder the damn thing was overloaded a few days ago.
  • Dan Simmons continues to just blow me away with the depth, breadth, and focus of his knowledge about everything.  Here’s his latest newletter on his website.  It’s about the Olympics, Germany, Nazis, Jews, Munich, etc.  Breath-taking.  It’s a long read, so settle in for a while.  It’s also not a permanent link.  I couldn’t track that down.  It should be up through September, though.
  • Some links about oil, our dependency on such, and what we can do about it:
  • The actual article behind the New Yorker satire cover on Obama.
  • Maybe the Enron trial wasn’t as open-and-shut as I believed?  Hard to tell.

Interview with Dan Simmons December 25, 2007

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Great interview.  He is one of the few authors who I think can rightfully claim to write Science Fiction as Literature.  Brilliant writer.

Articles of Interest May 26, 2007

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My list of catch-up reading:

Harry Potter: Catch the Bus!! March 14, 2007

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It seems that the Harry Potter train is picking up steam. April 17th is the beginning of a 3 month publicity campaign (like he needs one!) with forums, busses, and general mayhem. Man, what a juggernaut.

I’m of very mixed emotion about the end of the series. It would make perfect sense for Rowling to kill Harry off. The integrity of the story almost demands it, considering how inextricably entwined Harry and Voldemort are with each other. I don’t see a way for Harry to live after Voldemort dies that doesn’t violate the integrity of the story. I could see, possibly, Harry becoming a Muggle, losing all of his magical abilities. But even that seems a little … hollow. And given Rowling’s willingness to kill off major characters, she certainly isn’t squeemish about it.

But then again, that’s why Rowling’s getting paid the big bucks. She gets the distinct pleasure of writing it the way she wants to. Good for her.