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SiteMeter Sucks September 14, 2008

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Okay, Steve.  SiteMeter Sucks.


Glenn Beck Nails It September 12, 2008

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Glenn Beck writes a commentary over at CNN.com addressing some of the more ridiculous claims against Sarah Palin.  It is about as to-the-point and fact-filled as one can get.

Home Run.

Palin Smears, Continued September 11, 2008

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With respect to our ongoing actions in Iraq, Sarah Palin has been deliberately (shocker, I know) misquoted.

What she said:

Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also, for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending [U.S. soldiers] out on a task that is from God,” she exhorted the congregants. “That’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God’s plan.”

Note the bolded section.  This clearly, contextually, indicates she is requesting of God that our leaders are taking right action.  She is not declaring or stating that it is so.

How the AP bowdlerizes the quote:

“Our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God,” she said. “That’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that plan is God’s plan.”

Notice something missing?  Yeah.  Me too.  They turn her prayer from a request to a statement of fact.

And now that the meme has been created, it is being perpetuated.  From ABC’s extensive 2-day tag-along and interview with her:

Sarah Palin on God:

GIBSON: You said recently, in your old church, “Our national leaders are sending U.S. soldiers on a task that is from God.” Are we fighting a holy war?

PALIN: You know, I don’t know if that was my exact quote.

GIBSON: Exact words.

Please.  The next time someone tells you the press isn’t biased?  Just point them here.  This is a perfect example of just how bad it has gotten.

I weep for this country.

<HT:  HotAir>

Time for a Link Dump September 10, 2008

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Too many open windows in Safari, so it’s time to clean up.  Here are some of the things I’ve been interested in:

  • Unlocking the Auction-Rate Mess at Barron’s:  “Retail and institutional investors alike loaded up on auction-rates in recent years, assuming they were almost as liquid as cash. Generally, investors can opt to sell such securities at weekly or monthly auctions — or at least they could until the investment banks stopped bidding on them last winter. The result: Holders of $330 billion of securities quickly found they had no buyers, and no way of unlocking their money.”  Much more where that came from.
  • Alt-Energy ETFs.
  • A look at the Annenberg Challenge, which is still causing quite the controversy.  Stanley Kurtz over at The Weekly Standard is still digging around.  I’m actually thinking he won’t find anything, but Obama and his clan certainly didn’t do themselves any favors by trying to bury the data.
  • Should Google Go Nuclear?  A video of a presentation done at Google by Bussard.
  • Articles, at The Economist and The Wall Street Journal (here, too), on the Russian invasion of Georgia.
  • Houston Chronicle on Sarah Palin’s knowledge of the energy industry.  Bottom line:  a lot.
  • Liberal Arrogance at Bidinotto.
  • How The Surge Worked.  And, uh, for the few clueless wonders who still believe otherwise?  It did.  Even Obambi is grudgingly admitting to it.  Months and months after the rest of the world got it.
  • The best gaming-PC money can buy.
  • Omnivoracious:  The Best Business Books Ever.

Oh Noes! September 10, 2008

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Just had to steal this one from Ace S. Weasel [corrected for me by Dave at Ace of Spades]:

Possible Palin Responses to Obama’s “Pig” Gaffe September 9, 2008

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Above it all:  “I guess Mr. Obama thinks he can intimidate us with insults.  Well, I’ve heard much worse at Junior High hockey games.  He’s going to have to try much harder than that.  I’ve got standards, after all!”

Risque:  “PIG?  Is he flirting with me?”

Oblique:  “Pig?  He’s been hanging out with too many ACORNs.”  (Okay, really oblique!)

Backatcha:  “Ironic, I think, to be called a pig by someone who’s been slurping at the trough of earmarks to the tune of three quarters of a billion dollars over the last couple of years.  That would be the hog calling the sow fat.”

That’s what I’ve got at 11:30pm on a Tuesday night.  Others welcome in the comments.

On Olbermann and MS-NBC September 9, 2008

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My brother-in-law and I have been emailing back and forth furiously for the past few months, trading (mostly) friendly barbs over Obama and McCain.  He, as should be quite apparent from the current threads of this blog, does not share my enthusiasm for McCain.  Of course, neither did I, until recently!

I fired off an email to him a couple nights ago, chortling over the headline that had popped up on Drudge about Olbermann and Matthews losing their heads seats for the rest of the campaign.  I, of course, think Olbermann’s a complete blow-hard, and Matthews is disgustingly sychophantic.  What they do with their talkshows is their business.  They’ve obviously found a niche, and Olbermann’s pulling them in with his nightly Countdown.

But the way they’ve covered the election has been reprehensible.  And I said as much to Mark.  Laughing the whole time at them getting canned.  He responded back saying it was too bad, because he felt Olbermann was the best coverage available.  I fired back a blistering rant, which he loved.  I figured I’d repost it here for public consumption.

Yeah, if you’re into partisan hackery.
Let me know the next time Olby actually grows a big enough pair to actually have someone on who fundamentally disagrees with him about something.  And has a legitimate conversation, without resorting to “get a shovel, Joe” or “Get him off the stage”, or nonsense like that.  I’d love to see him try to defend his positions with someone who has, you know, facts at their disposal.
Partisan ranting is great.  That’s why the Right loves them some Rush and Hannity.  Hell, I’ve tuned into both sides on occasion, just to get a little red meat in my system.  It’s fun.  Sometimes yelling at a blowhard on the radio is is quite cathartic.  And I’ve chewed Rush out as often as I have Franken (‘course, I haven’t heard him much lately….).  Obviously for different reasons, though.
But Olbermann trying to sell himself as some sort of modern day Edward R. Murrow, dispensing hard news with no clear favor (The NBC executives are still trying to foist that one off on us.  Hah!), when the hardwired bias is clear for anyone is ridiculous.  Rush and Hannity and the gang at Air America are very clearly talk radio, not news radio.  And anyone who thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves.
Olbermann has done critical damage to an already seriously damaged NBC image.  They’re a laughing stock around the industry, right now.  Their credibility is practically zero, much to Brokaw’s consternation.
And don’t even try to compare what he does to Fox News.  If they put O’Reilly in charge of the news desk and tried to foist him off as objective, I’d rail at them, too.  But they don’t.
My god, Olbermann and Matthews were practically begging Obama to have their babies a couple of weeks ago.  Please!!! 😉
A little red meat for a Tuesday afternoon.  Feel free to comment.
Update:  Sorry for the formatting in the quoted text.  Seems that cutting and pasting the email into WordPress isn’t quite working the way I thought it would.

Food for Thought September 8, 2008

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I’ve had this thought a couple of times, so I figured I should just write it down, to show how sagacious I am! 😉

Many of Sarah Palin’s critics argue that she’s not qualified for the VP slot because of certain lackings in her CV:  “She doesn’t have enough executive experience”, or “She doesn’t have enough foreign policy experience”, or even “she still has a family to raise.”

Gang, if she had all of those bullet points on her resumé, she wouldn’t be number 2 on the ticket.  She’d be Number One.

McCain/Palin Smears Vetting Zone September 7, 2008

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I’ve been spending quite a bit of time of late reading through lots of different blogs discussing the amazing hatchet job the press (as proxies of the DNC) has been trying to do on Sarah Palin, and through her on John McCain.  The public backlash against this witch hunt has been, if not completely unexpected, still surprisingly strong.  McCain’s already up by 3 in the latest Gallup, and there may be a couple more days of post-convention bounce left.  Tomorrow’s Rasmussen will also be telling.

So, obviously the word is out that the press and the Democratic Party have gone beyond the pale, and the backlash against them is looking to be profound.  The problem is, there’s still so much shit out there about Palin, in particular, and even about McCain.  It’s really hard to keep up.  I’ve been getting emails from well-meaning relatives who are scared to death of Palin, because they’re not oriented towards Conservativism to begin with, and she’s been cast as the devil-incarnate by the MSM.  And there are some true Left-tards on Tweeter who are saying remarkably dispicable things.

It would be nice, if I may finally get to my point, if there were a clearing house of people who were focused on particular aspects of who Palin and McCain are, so that the issues that come up (some of them justifiably–like the possibility that Palin was trying to censor books in her Wasilla town library) can be addressed thoroughly.  There’s a lot of work being done out there to get to the truth, especially behind the smears.  It just takes some work sometimes to dig it up.

Some blogs/sites that are worth following, that I know of:

  • HotAir.  AllahPundit and Ed Morrissey have done a lot of heavy lifting, both in their own footwork and in linking to the appropriate outside sources.  Allah with his typical wit and pessimism, and a remarkable grasp of details and, dare I say it, nuance.  Ed with a solid sense of what Conservativism means to him and many people, and an ability to give background to a lot of the stories they cover.
  • Beldar.  Bill Dyer (Beldar–yes, that name should ring a bell, Conehead fans) has been tooting Sarah Palin’s horn (hmm, might want to reword that!) for several months now, and is where I found my first in-depth information about her a couple of months ago.  He’s got a whole series of longer posts going into detail about her strengths as a candidate, and debunks several of the smears thrown against her of late.  Good reading.
  • Protein Wisdom.  Just go there.  But take your dictionary, thesaurus, and a good book on English Literary Theory, or the current lack thereof.  And a thick skin.  Jeff Goldstein has been laying out a blistering attack on political correctness in particular, and Post-Modernism in general, for several years now.  He pulls absolutely no punches, and is raunchy as hell, to boot.  If you can get over your finer sensibilities being violated, he’s well worth the read.  And of late, has been going guns-ablazing against the smear-machines.
  • Palin Rumors List.  Kind of a catch-all of the ginned-up rumors, smears, and trivial facts the Left is trying to use to discredit Sarah.  Kind of what I’m talking about above, but in a scaled-down manner, and really only geared towards her.  Yeoman’s work, nonetheless.

There are, of course, others: The Weekly Standard, The Corner at NRO, Little Green Footballs, just to name a couple off of the top of my head.

I guess most of what I want is already out there.  But it would be good if someone had the time to really be a central authority.  Not that I think there really can be any one person or entity for that, but something.

I’ll keep keeping up with these.  If I have anything to contribute myself, I’ll certainly do my part.

Update:  Ace of Spades has been doing a ferocious job, too.  He’s been particularly fond of eviscerating Andrew Sullivan, who’s been reprehensible with his rumor-mongering.

Interview with Bing West September 7, 2008

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CBS News does an interview with Bing West.  The soldiers won the war in Iraq.  Kinda “duh”, but interesting nonetheless.  Sounds like General Casey didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground wrt actually fighting to win.  The Strongest Tribe is the written account of the time West spent in Iraq (20 months) studying the situation.