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Charting software for Investing December 25, 2007

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jTWSCharts for Interactive Brokers.  Jeremy’s planning on hacking at the source code and adding some functionality.  I may offer up some time to help coding.  We’ll see. 


Interview with Dan Simmons December 25, 2007

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Great interview.  He is one of the few authors who I think can rightfully claim to write Science Fiction as Literature.  Brilliant writer.

Christmas Links December 25, 2007

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Some things I’ve been reading/contemplating:

  • What Options Volatility is: TradeKing
  • Black-Scholes applet used to calculate future Option prices.
  • CSIS came out with a report claiming that Israel would weather a nuclear confrontation with Iran. I wonder at the motivations of the author. Is it:
      – firing a warning shot across the bow for Iran to pay close attention to? or
      – an attempt by someone to downplay the threat to Israel, so that more heat can be applied to Bush to ‘play nice’ with Iran?
  • Clayton Cramer has more on Nanosolar. I want stock, I want stock, I want stock.
  • Must-read book: Energy Victory. Here’s a blog analysis of it.

Links for a Saturday morning December 22, 2007

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Interesting stuff.

When I ‘retire’, I’m definitely taking on some hobbies.

Quick Hits for a Friday Afternoon December 14, 2007

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Source Forge version of ZFS for OS X December 7, 2007

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Pensive Mullings for a Holiday Season December 1, 2007

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I’ve had an interesting week-and-a-half.  We flew to Phoenix to visit Liora’s Aunt, Uncle, and cousins for Thanksgiving.  I always feel nervous when we “invite” ourselves anywhere, even though we gave them lots of notice.  I feel like we descend upon the unsuspecting souls, with an 11 year old (quite angelic) and 2 four year olds (not quite so…!).  It worked out pretty well, though.  All things considered.  Nobody died, or even was seriously injured.  Just the usual drama/trauma you would expect with lots of family, and twin boys looking for trouble.

That’s not what was really interesting, though.  My introspection started with a movie on Saturday evening.  The rest of the family went to see “Enchanted”, while John and I went to see “Stephen King’s The Mist”.  Me, I’m just into horror movies.  Especially good Stephen King ones (not that that’s happened very often).  In particular, I really enjoyed the novella, and the previews looked good.

So, what did I think of the movie?  Spoilers to follow, so if you’re going to see the movie, and you don’t want to know the end, then stop reading.  Details below the fold. (more…)