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Electronic Journal of Sustainable Development December 27, 2006

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Here’s the Home Page. What they have to say:

What is ‘sustainable development’ – and how can it be achieved? The EJSD, will seek to address these questions. The editors will be accepting scholarly articles on a continual basis in the realms of public policy, science, economics and law as they relate to the concept of sustainable development and its various facets (i.e. human well-being, economic growth, environmental quality, natural resource use and management, innovation and technological change).

We’ll see how independent they stay. If they truly can keep an independent point-of-view and maintain objectivity, it will be a completely worthwhile endeavor. I believe the first issue is due for publication the first quarter of ’07.


Baker’s Law Firm in Cahoots with Saddam’s Iraq? December 27, 2006

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Oh, my.

Former Secretary of State James Baker was involved in a cover-up of illegal trading by his law firm with the regime of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, according to a former contractor who did work for Mr. Baker’s firm.

Mr. Baker used non-Americans to help acquire funds from Iraq in violation of the United Nations embargo and U.S. law, the former contractor said.

Nir Gouaz, an Israeli security veteran, said that in 1999 Mr. Baker’s leading deputy at the law firm of Baker Botts ordered him to destroy all documents that detailed how he obtained from Iraq more than $250 million for a client.

Mr. Baker’s firm has denied Mr. Gouaz’s account.


But the Israeli said he has documents that could destroy Mr. Baker’s reputation. He said he has been angered by Mr. Baker’s attempt to press the Bush administration to impose an anti-Israeli policy in an attempt to win Arab cooperation to help stabilize Iraq. Mr. Baker, appointed by President Bush in 2003 as his envoy to recover debts from Iraq, has also co-chaired the Iraq Study Group, which on Dec. 6 issued 79 recommendations on U.S. policy in Iraq.

Well, well. Just imagine. James Baker getting money from Iraq … and trying to shaft Israel.


This is what Real Politik gets you. Cynicism, graft, money laundering, and selling out your real allies. All to keep the region “stable” and the money flowing.


Update: Here’s a link to the Iraq Study Group Report, which contains the 79 ‘recommendations.’ The page is part of the United States Institute of Peace.


Camille Paglia December 26, 2006

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And interview of Camille Paglia in Salon.  It’s a couple of months old, but worth the read.  I sent it to my wife, and she just now had a chance to read it and respond.  She loved it as much as I do.  Camille is definitely an old-school Liberal (capital L).  A woman after my own heart.  She basically eviscerates everyone.  Very strongly believes in a third political party that has teeth (Yes!).

Read the whole interview.  She’s a treat.

Jimmy Carter: The Latest Lying Liar December 11, 2006

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Wonder what Al Franken has to say about this.

Jimmy Carter’s maps are fabrications:

Carter’s Maps: Worse Than Plagiarism

David Gerstman may have been the first person in the blogosphere to note that, buried in the middle of Professor Kenneth Stein’s stinging criticism of Jimmy Carter’s book, was a veiled accusation of plagiarism.  Stein called the book “replete with factual errors, copied materials not cited, superficialities, glaring omissions, and simply invented segments.”  David noted that “copied materials not cited” was a genteel reference to one of the worst sins a writer can commit.

In a subsequent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Stein said two maps in Carter’s book were “very closely similar, or unusually similar, to maps that were produced and published in Dennis Ross’ book.  The next day Dennis Ross said it “sure looks” like Carter ripped him off. The apparent plagiarism was covered by The Political Pit Bull, Gateway Pundit, Bill’s Bites, Hot Air, LGF and others.  A video of Stein, Ross and Carter discussing the issue is here.

Paul Mirengoff of Power Line placed the issue in perspective, noting that plagiarism was “probably the least of the problems Carter faces with respect to his book” — given Stein’s other, even more serious, criticisms of it.  Mirengoff quipped that “at least [Carter’s book] has good maps.”

Actually — it doesn’t.  And therein lies a problem much more serious than plagiarism.

The truth is a little more complicated than mere plagiarism, and takes a while to explain.  Carter not only appears to have copied maps from Ross but — more importantly — to have re-titled them to make them appear to be something they are not.  Moreover, his maps omit the descriptive notes that Ross included on his maps, which would have contradicted the point Carter was trying to make.  Finally, the point he was trying to make with the borrowed and altered maps is central to his entire book.

So this will be a long post, but an important one.

Read the whole thing, as they say.  It’s long, but important.