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Firefox on Weed(s) August 20, 2006

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So, this is what our Firefox donations are going towards? Hmm.



Building a Mac OS X Server August 16, 2006

Posted by nukemhill in Apple/AAPL.

Start of a video series on turning your mac into an OS X Server.

CNN (!) Debunks CIA-bin Laden Relationship August 15, 2006

Posted by nukemhill in WoT.
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CNN has posted a Q&A with Terror Analyst Peter Bergen, who interviewed bin Laden in 1997. Among other things, he debunks the unquenchable conspiracy theory that the CIA funded bin Laden:

Q: If it’s true that bin Laden once worked for the CIA, what makes you so sure that he isn’t still?
Anne Busigin, Toronto, Canada

BERGEN: This is one of those things where you cannot put it out of its misery.

The story about bin Laden and the CIA — that the CIA funded bin Laden or trained bin Laden — is simply a folk myth. There’s no evidence of this. In fact, there are very few things that bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and the U.S. government agree on. They all agree that they didn’t have a relationship in the 1980s. And they wouldn’t have needed to. Bin Laden had his own money, he was anti-American and he was operating secretly and independently.

The real story here is the CIA didn’t really have a clue about who this guy was until 1996 when they set up a unit to really start tracking him.

It’s a little light on the details, but is consistent with many other debunkings I’ve read. Disinformation has an extensive chapter on this very topic. Basically, the CIA worked with the group that became the Northern Alliance during the Soviet-Afghan campaign. They gave them money, and indirectly supplied them with arms. Pakistan, on the other hand, worked with bin Laden’s group at this time. These two groups were not friendly with each other during the war, and afterwards became direct enemies. Which is why we worked with the Northern Alliance when we overthrew the Taliban.

Just keep throwing facts at the situation. People who are reasonable will start to understand.

I hope.

Why Does the World Hate the Jews? August 9, 2006

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Michael Medved, at Townhall, disassembles the idiocy around anti-Semitism.


The Greening of Wal-Mart August 9, 2006

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This is freaking awesome:

NEW YORK (Fortune) — More than 5 million vehicles on U.S. roads today can run on ethanol – a renewable fuel that comes from corn – as well as gasoline. General Motors (Charts), Ford (Charts) and DaimlerChrysler (Charts) recently announced plans to double their annual production of so-called flex fuel vehicles to two million cars and trucks by 2010.It’s the single largest commitment to renewable fuels in the history of the auto industry – a good move for the automakers, and for the planet, too.

That’s because running cars and trucks on E85, a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, could turn out to be a cost-effective way to reduce the carbon emissions that cause global warming and curb our dependence on imported oil.

There’s just one big problem.

Only about 800 service stations in the United States, out of a total of 168,000, pump E85. There’s not a single E85 pump, for example, in all of New England.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the big oil companies are not, as a rule, interested in selling E85.

But Wal-Mart (Charts) is. The giant retailer is considering selling ethanol at the eight stations that it operates at Wal-Mart Stores and at about 380 more that it runs as part of its Sam’s Clubs division.

It could also decide to sell ethanol in a partnership with Murphy Oil Corp. (Charts), which operates about 946 gas stations in Wal-Mart parking lots, and there’s no reason why Wal-Mart couldn’t sell E85 – which it calls “America’s Fuel” – at the rest of its 3,000 U.S. stores.

“Our goal would be to make E-85 available across the U.S.,” Rich Ezell, senior strategy manager of fuel at Wal-Mart, said recently.

What a competitive opportunity, too. What if other large-chain stores decided to jump on this band-wagon? Safeway? Giant on the East Coast? Rite-Aid, for pity’s sake? The possibilities are ridiculous. And it would drive the adoption of Ethanol-based vehicles, maybe even force the dropping of the subsidies/tariffs so that we could import even cheaper Ethanol from South America. And force the Petroleum monopolies to get off of their asses.

Wal-Mart gets a lot of grief for reasons that are beyond my ken. They should be getting huge kudos from the Left for this. And the Right. This is free-enterprise at its finest.