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Harry Potter: Catch the Bus!! March 14, 2007

Posted by nukemhill in Writing.

It seems that the Harry Potter train is picking up steam. April 17th is the beginning of a 3 month publicity campaign (like he needs one!) with forums, busses, and general mayhem. Man, what a juggernaut.

I’m of very mixed emotion about the end of the series. It would make perfect sense for Rowling to kill Harry off. The integrity of the story almost demands it, considering how inextricably entwined Harry and Voldemort are with each other. I don’t see a way for Harry to live after Voldemort dies that doesn’t violate the integrity of the story. I could see, possibly, Harry becoming a Muggle, losing all of his magical abilities. But even that seems a little … hollow. And given Rowling’s willingness to kill off major characters, she certainly isn’t squeemish about it.

But then again, that’s why Rowling’s getting paid the big bucks. She gets the distinct pleasure of writing it the way she wants to. Good for her.



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