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New Jersey Institute of Technology: Paintable Solar Cells July 20, 2007

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This is awesome, if it pans out.  If this isn’t a flash in the pan, the company that gets this technology to sell is going to make a mint.  And they should.  If the energy output is greater than the amount to manufacture the cells (and they’re talking about printing sheets from home printers), then this is an enormous breakthrough.

Read the whole thing.


Hugh Hewitt Interviews General Petraeus July 19, 2007

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Very interesting stuff. I wish we could get more objective mainstream press coverage of the war. It’s certainly not pretty, but we’re really starting to make some progress. If the press were honest in their coverage, I think it would even help the effort some.

Iowahawk for Pres in ’08! July 19, 2007

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I dunno. You’d think I’d be a shoe-in for Secretary of Defense. I mean, come on. With this name?