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Superbowl Sunday Links February 1, 2009

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Evolution: Not Just a Theory.

Robert Kiyosaki:  Conspiracy of the Rich.

Apple’s AppStore:  Will it change the desktop market?

Tech Soup:  Not just for kids!

Manning Early Access:  ASP.Net MVC In Action.

Michael Yon:  Irregular Warfare.

Belmont Club:  Fun with maps.

Speculation (US Army War College, Winter ’92):  The Military Coup of 2012.

MacObserver Forums:  The House That Steve Built.

Omnivoracious:  Ranking The Classics.

Calvin and Hobbes:  Modern Day Capitalism.

Reason:  The Libertarian Moment.

IBD:  Drilling Down the Deficit.  And HotAir’s take.

Popular Mechanics:  New Green Homes.

Web 2.0:  Ten Insightful Books (video).

T.J. Rodgers on PajamasMedia:  Why Financial Statements are so Screwed Up.

Minneapolis Fed:  Myths and Facts about the Financial Crisis of ’08.

Economist:  Blockages in the money supply.

Armed and Dangerous:  Timing the Entitlements Crash. Also:  Why Alt-Energy Isn’t (yet, in my book).

Cato:  On the Market.

Forbes:  Does Stimulus Stimulate?

Michael Totten @ Winds of Change:  Who Really Won the Second Lebanon War (and it wasn’t Hizbollah!).

ASP.Net:  Strongly-typed DataSets.

Bush in 2006:  Creation of Military Commissions to try Suspected Terrorists.

Wiki:  Business Process Management.  This may be the core of what we’re trying to accomplish at AIPT.

Google Search:  Ethical Capitalism.

Wiki:  Schrodinger’s Cat.

Professionals for Cyber Defense.

Technology Review:  Sun + Water = Fuel.

Yes, I’ve been hoarding.  Why do you ask?


Sarah Palin – Pro-Israel? September 1, 2008

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The answer seems to be yes.

Random Links on a Tuesday Afternoon July 22, 2008

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Something to while away the time:

  • A CLang review at Rogue Amoeba.  Something to get into more as I teach myself Objective-C and Cocoa.
  • 15 online tools.  Something for every tech-head.
  • Myth of Consensus Explodes.  Oops.  Maybe there really is a difference of opinion about AGW?  Here’s the original article at APS.  Heh.  They’re using Cold Fusion to drive their site.  No wonder the damn thing was overloaded a few days ago.
  • Dan Simmons continues to just blow me away with the depth, breadth, and focus of his knowledge about everything.  Here’s his latest newletter on his website.  It’s about the Olympics, Germany, Nazis, Jews, Munich, etc.  Breath-taking.  It’s a long read, so settle in for a while.  It’s also not a permanent link.  I couldn’t track that down.  It should be up through September, though.
  • Some links about oil, our dependency on such, and what we can do about it:
  • The actual article behind the New Yorker satire cover on Obama.
  • Maybe the Enron trial wasn’t as open-and-shut as I believed?  Hard to tell.

Link Mecca for a New Week May 27, 2008

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Links for perusal:

  • Talk to the Taliban?  Hmm.  What corner to we have them backed into, first?
  • Sam Harris:  Losing our Spines.  We’re not standing up to Radical Islam, and are losing ground.  Interestingly, this is on Huffington Post.  Not exactly a bastion of Classical Liberalism.
  • How Stuff Works:  3G Cell Phones.  Part of a larger discussion on cell phone technology.
  • A primer on RSI.
  • Mark Steyn:  Obama an appeaser?  That would be “Yes!”
  • The Neocon Madrassa:  The Very Big War.  A pretty scary take on the next phase of the war between Western Civilization and Radical Islam.  Hizballah, Hamas, Iran, and Syria pretty much are the away team.  Who knows who’s going to back up Israel….
  • Commentary Magazine:  1948, Israel, and the Palestinians.  An annotated look at the birth of Israel and the lies told about it.
  • The Weekly Standard:  A Theme For McCain’s Pudding.  I’m not the most conservative person, but I can get the gist of this argument:  McCain can steal Obama’s thunder (Hope and Change) by demonstrating that he (McCain) has a history of reform in the Senate, and using that as the basis for his campaign.  I like the idea of reform, and McCain is enough of an establishment outsider that he could just pull it off.
  • Modafinil at Wiki.  Shows promise for treating ADHD.  Here’s the original article at JohannHari.com.  Viagra for the brain?  I’m liking that!
  • MIT News:  Hope on the Horizon.  Potential economy-boosting techs.
  • Status Screen Saver.  Provides status updates in your screen saver on the Mac.
  • MacPilot:  GUI for Terminal commands.
  • Round-up on Fusion Power Research at Instapundit.
  • Smoking Gun on Iraqi WMDs.
Update (2008-05-27; 5:50pm):  
Courtesy of M. Simon in the comments, a link to his blog with some interesting details on the fusion work Bussard has done.  I also ran across this video, about which I know nothing, as I’ve not watched it yet.  I don’t know if it is related to Bussard’s research, at least directly.  But any work that gets done on fusion is good work.

Christmas Links December 25, 2007

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Some things I’ve been reading/contemplating:

  • What Options Volatility is: TradeKing
  • Black-Scholes applet used to calculate future Option prices.
  • CSIS came out with a report claiming that Israel would weather a nuclear confrontation with Iran. I wonder at the motivations of the author. Is it:
      – firing a warning shot across the bow for Iran to pay close attention to? or
      – an attempt by someone to downplay the threat to Israel, so that more heat can be applied to Bush to ‘play nice’ with Iran?
  • Clayton Cramer has more on Nanosolar. I want stock, I want stock, I want stock.
  • Must-read book: Energy Victory. Here’s a blog analysis of it.

Kenneth Stein: My Problem with Jimmy Carter’s Book January 26, 2007

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In an article on The Middle East Forum, Ken Stein, former Middle East fellow at the Carter Center, puts together a more formal, and quite devastating, critique of Carter’s book, Palestine:  Peace not Apartheid.  It’s pretty comprehensive.  He basically accuses Carter of either intentionally misquoting key figures in the ongoing Middle East conflict(s), or outright misrepresenting what they are saying.  Stein extensively footnotes the article (50 notes for what amounts to a 5-7 page treatise), in a strong effort to back up his own interpretations with facts.

One piece, in particular, strikes me.  Here’s a quote:

But Carter is often wrong. Throughout Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, he allows his premises to supplant the facts. His book contains no footnotes, citations, or sources. It contains an appendix and a series of maps, some of which he seems to have mislabeled and taken from Clinton-era negotiator Dennis Ross’ The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace.[22] The maps are reconfigured to support Carter’s statement that Israel’s best offer in the final months of Clinton’s presidency was to divide the West Bank into three non-contiguous areas, thus reinforcing Carter’s claim of apartheid.[23] Carter dismissed the allegation that he appropriated the maps, saying that he had never seen Ross’s book.[24] If true, Carter ignored the most important and detailed memoir yet published on 1990s-era Arab-Israeli negotiations.

I think this is one of the most damning statements in Stein’s article.  The simple fact that Carter claims he did not read Ross’ book speaks volumes about the integrity of his work.  How could he possibly write a book about the failed negotiations between Israel and the PLO, and not go to one of the primary sources?!  This is absolutely mind boggling to me and, frankly, raises doubts about the statement itself.  Carter had to have at least looked at Ross’ book.  There’s no way he couldn’t have.  Which brings us back to the plagarism charge raised a few weeks ago.  Did Carter lift the maps from Ross’ book, and intentionally distort them?  I’m inclined to think he did, and is now trying to cover his tracks.

Carter continues to dig himself deeper and deeper into an incredible hole.  Why anyone of any integrity would listen to and believe anything he has to say, is beyond me.

Update: Here’s a post by Cathy Young on Carter’s appearance at Brandeis. Seemed to be a pretty rigged appearance. The questions were pre-selected, and no follow-ups were allowed. And Alan Dershowitz was not allowed to appear on stage at the same time. Nice setup, if you can get it. Carter’s been completely unwilling to debate anyone on his book, which shows, at the very least, moral cowardice on his part. Yet he accuses Jewish universities of ‘blacklisting’ him. Putz.

Baker’s Law Firm in Cahoots with Saddam’s Iraq? December 27, 2006

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Oh, my.

Former Secretary of State James Baker was involved in a cover-up of illegal trading by his law firm with the regime of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, according to a former contractor who did work for Mr. Baker’s firm.

Mr. Baker used non-Americans to help acquire funds from Iraq in violation of the United Nations embargo and U.S. law, the former contractor said.

Nir Gouaz, an Israeli security veteran, said that in 1999 Mr. Baker’s leading deputy at the law firm of Baker Botts ordered him to destroy all documents that detailed how he obtained from Iraq more than $250 million for a client.

Mr. Baker’s firm has denied Mr. Gouaz’s account.


But the Israeli said he has documents that could destroy Mr. Baker’s reputation. He said he has been angered by Mr. Baker’s attempt to press the Bush administration to impose an anti-Israeli policy in an attempt to win Arab cooperation to help stabilize Iraq. Mr. Baker, appointed by President Bush in 2003 as his envoy to recover debts from Iraq, has also co-chaired the Iraq Study Group, which on Dec. 6 issued 79 recommendations on U.S. policy in Iraq.

Well, well. Just imagine. James Baker getting money from Iraq … and trying to shaft Israel.


This is what Real Politik gets you. Cynicism, graft, money laundering, and selling out your real allies. All to keep the region “stable” and the money flowing.


Update: Here’s a link to the Iraq Study Group Report, which contains the 79 ‘recommendations.’ The page is part of the United States Institute of Peace.


Jimmy Carter: The Latest Lying Liar December 11, 2006

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Wonder what Al Franken has to say about this.

Jimmy Carter’s maps are fabrications:

Carter’s Maps: Worse Than Plagiarism

David Gerstman may have been the first person in the blogosphere to note that, buried in the middle of Professor Kenneth Stein’s stinging criticism of Jimmy Carter’s book, was a veiled accusation of plagiarism.  Stein called the book “replete with factual errors, copied materials not cited, superficialities, glaring omissions, and simply invented segments.”  David noted that “copied materials not cited” was a genteel reference to one of the worst sins a writer can commit.

In a subsequent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Stein said two maps in Carter’s book were “very closely similar, or unusually similar, to maps that were produced and published in Dennis Ross’ book.  The next day Dennis Ross said it “sure looks” like Carter ripped him off. The apparent plagiarism was covered by The Political Pit Bull, Gateway Pundit, Bill’s Bites, Hot Air, LGF and others.  A video of Stein, Ross and Carter discussing the issue is here.

Paul Mirengoff of Power Line placed the issue in perspective, noting that plagiarism was “probably the least of the problems Carter faces with respect to his book” — given Stein’s other, even more serious, criticisms of it.  Mirengoff quipped that “at least [Carter’s book] has good maps.”

Actually — it doesn’t.  And therein lies a problem much more serious than plagiarism.

The truth is a little more complicated than mere plagiarism, and takes a while to explain.  Carter not only appears to have copied maps from Ross but — more importantly — to have re-titled them to make them appear to be something they are not.  Moreover, his maps omit the descriptive notes that Ross included on his maps, which would have contradicted the point Carter was trying to make.  Finally, the point he was trying to make with the borrowed and altered maps is central to his entire book.

So this will be a long post, but an important one.

Read the whole thing, as they say.  It’s long, but important.

Why Does the World Hate the Jews? August 9, 2006

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Michael Medved, at Townhall, disassembles the idiocy around anti-Semitism.


World War IV July 14, 2006

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Norman Podhoretz wrote an article in 2004 titled “World War IV.” I’ve yet to read it all, but it was interesting, and seemingly quite relevant to current events in Israel and Lebanon. I’ll spend more time on it this weekend, and post anything I think is pertinent.

[UPDATE: 20060717]:  Actually, this is the original (and much longer) article I saw in 2004.  He goes into much greater detail and offers a larger argument.  Interesting reading.