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Pogue on What’s *Really* Important in Technology May 16, 2009

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NY Times article on what matters in technology–not what they tell you is important:

  1. Camcorders.  Out:  Zoom; In:  Wide-Angle.
  2. SLRs.  Out:  Megapixels; In:  Sensor-size.
  3. Cellphones.  Out:  Coverage; In:  Coverage.  The problem is, the coverage claims by the various providers sucks, no matter what.
  4. Computers.  Out:  Price; In:  Value.  (Gee, is he talking about Macs?  Yep.)

3D MVP January 2, 2007

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Interesting company.  Wonder when they’ll be hiring….

Digital Photography Review November 6, 2006

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Forums for discussing Digital Photography.  Good info on DSLRs.

Digital Cameras: CMOS vs. CCD April 15, 2006

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Okay. So I’m doing some research, trying to figure out this whole CMOS vs CCD thingy. Our old Canon digital camera bit the dust, and I’m looking at buying a new one, along with a digital camcorder, so that we can have all the right stuff for our trip to Hawaii in November. I’ve been googling, and hitting the Canon site for information, and I came across this article in PC World. Fabulous timing!