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Visual Studio 2005 Debugging Issues June 29, 2006

Posted by nukemhill in General Programming.
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A good page for some debugging issues. More later.


Okay.  Here’s the scoop:  I’ve been getting an error message when I try to run the APS web application inside of Visual Studio 2005.  The message goes something like:  “Unable to Start Debugging on the Web Server….”.  I spent several hours trying to get the configuration of VS and IIS right, to no avail.  I googled extensively, and found the above link.  Pretty much everything recommended there didn’t work, but I finally hit upon a tip that I’d actually done before (many weeks ago), but probably undid when I uninstalled and reinstalled VS 2005.  Here it is:

C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regiis.exe -i

This explicitly registers ASP.Net with IIS, in this case, version 2.0 of .Net.  After running this, everything worked like a champ.  Finally.

Sometimes Microsoft is such a pain in the ass….


Be Result Oriented, Not Action Oriented June 17, 2006

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An interesting post regarding the ongoing issues with Vista. This quote, I think, is a gem:

In general, Windows suffers from a proclivity for action control, not results control. Instead of clearly stating desired outcomes, there’s a penchant for telling people exactly what steps they must take. By doing so, we risk creating a generation of McDevs. (For more on action control vs. results control, read Kenneth Merchant’s seminal work on the subject — all $150 of it, apparently).

As I start to move more into management, I need to keep this in mind. No, the ends do not justify the means; the means are important. But you can’t manage from the means. You need to give your staff goals to work towards and the freedom to discover/create the actions to get there.

Sun Developer Network June 16, 2006

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Here' the link to the SDN.  Some interesting tools are available for free.  I need to check them out on the Powerbook.

Ars Articles on RAID and Intel Core Architectures April 6, 2006

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Which OS are you? March 19, 2006

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You are Debian Linux. People have difficulty getting to know you.  Once you finally open your shell they're apt to love you.
Which OS are You?