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Links for Selection Sunday March 15, 2009

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Go Terps!

Better control of Safari through Saft.  We’ll see what happens with Safari 4.0.

I need to start researching Wikis for the SEVIS II working groups.

The case for due diligence in research.  In particular, around climate research and the public availability of data and code used to perform analysis.

How Harding fought off the Depression of 1920-22.  And it wasn’t through massive government expansion.

Privacy settings everyone should use in Facebook.

Normblog:  One-eyed in Gaza.  Once again, all of the international outrage has been reserved for Israel in its attempts to defend itself.

Reason magazine on Liberaltarianism.  As I stated in a comment on VodkaPundit–why the hell should Libertarians be trying to tie themselves to either of the big parties?  They’re both corrupt to the core.  “Sleeping with lepers only makes your penis fall off.”  I think that’s one of my funniest lines ever.  But that’s just me.

Steve McIntyre, at Climate Audit, has some choice words over the use of principal components in the temperature analysis of the Antarctic.  I can’t say I have a real deep understanding of the concepts, but it seems to be related to eigenvalues (and eigenvectors), and the attempt to create “virtual” representatives of larger datasets.  Here’s a long article on Principal Component Analysis, which is a huge deal in statistics and analysis.  I need to read it.  Here’s a book written by one of the big minds in the field.

The risk analysis formula that destroyed Wall Street.  There’s an old adage–“if everyone else is doing it, you’d better start running in the opposite direction.”  A definite truth for the current crisis.  Everyone started using this formula to analyze their level of risk regarding the derivatives that were ubiquitous in the markets.  Which pretty much made them all subject to any gaps or flaws that existed.

Boyd on Strategy.

Bloggingheads TV on the Stimulus.



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