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Atlas is Shrugging March 15, 2009

Posted by nukemhill in Constitution, Politics (Ghahh!).

And Ayn Rand is rolling over in her grave:

Tim Neal of Miller County was shocked recently when he heard a radio program about a strategic report compiled by state and federal law enforcement agencies to combat terrorism.

Titled “The Modern Militia Movement,” the report is dated Feb. 20 and designed to help police identify militia members or domestic terrorists. Red flags outlined in the document include political bumper stickers such as those for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, talk of conspiracy theories such as the plan for a mega-highway from Canada to Mexico and possession of subversive literature.

But when Neal read the report, he couldn’t help but think it described him. A military veteran and a delegate to the 2008 Missouri Republican state convention, he didn’t appreciate being lumped in with groups like the Neo-Nazis.

“I was going down the list and thinking, ‘Check, that’s me,’ ” he said. “I’m a Ron Paul supporter, check. I talk about the North American union, check. I’ve got the ‘America: Freedom to Fascism’ video loaned out to somebody right now. So that means I’m a domestic terrorist? Because I’ve got a video about the Federal Reserve?”

Wow.  Just … wow.

We are marching down the path to fascism.  And it is truly of Leftist origins.

I didn’t support Ron Paul.  I think the guy’s a wack-job with respect to foreign policy.  I absolutely agree with much of his domestic and economic policies though.  And I certainly entertained voting Libertarian or Constitution Party last November.  I have enormous concerns about the abrogation of our Constitution by government officials in the name of “internationalism”.  Or worse, “domestic safety”.

Further, rumor has it that President Obama is voicing support for the ICC.  That immediately puts our military at risk of being brought before international courts for “war crimes”, said crimes being determined by people most definitely not supporting our national self-interest.  Which means that any military action contemplated by us will necessarily be viewed through the prism of international “political correctness”.

Where do we go from here, people?



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