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Glenn Beck Nails It September 12, 2008

Posted by nukemhill in Sarah Palin.

Glenn Beck writes a commentary over at CNN.com addressing some of the more ridiculous claims against Sarah Palin.  It is about as to-the-point and fact-filled as one can get.

Home Run.



1. Darren - September 12, 2008

Agreed! I’ve really enjoyed reading his commentary.

2. Undecided - September 13, 2008

Yes, there are facts in Beck’s commentary. Except only half of them. I posted this on CNN as well.

Sarah Palin has increased funding for special interest children per capita… for “intensive needs children” such as her young child. However she has also cut funding from a huge percent of special education children with lesser needs, such as ADD and the like. The result is a budget which is very much smaller for the majority of children which traditionally fall under “special condition” and in the eyes of many Americans, need help. Thrifty cuts or isappropriation? Your choice.

She has no experience! True, Obama has a similar amount of experience in the United States Senate as she does as Gov., discounting his time as a state senator as Beck does. However, Obama has fielded these questions for months. Isn’t it time Palin addressed them in fair proportion?

Beck also implies an underhanded strike at Bristol Palin as underhanded. Is it wrong to question procedures which clearly have not produced results in as personal an environment as her own home? Unless you consider having a teenage pregnancy as a success…

Either way, I am still in search of media that gives the American people some credit as intellectuals and leaves some interpretation. This is one of many pieces of conservative spoon-fed garbage, as there are an equitable amount of liberal spin. Glenn Beck has certainly not swung my vote with this one. Let’s present the facts.

3. nukemhill - September 13, 2008

Let’s take these points on one at a time:

1) First of all–got a reference for the “lesser funding for lesser needs” claim, or are you just trying to throw shit against the wall and see what sticks? Second–so what? Even if it were true, are you telling me that ADD children need special funding from the government? I’m fine with the heavier issues. My mother taught mentally retarded and special needs kids for decades. I’ve seen it all. There are definitely some children that need help, and I’m fine with the government providing a safety net for parent who really need a hand. But ADD? Really?? C’mon. Parents don’t need a hand with ADD/ADHD children. They need to be … parents. I know–tough call there.

2) About that “foreign policy experience” meme that has been floating around wrt Obama and his campaign. How’s that experience working out so far? Let’s look at the Russia/Georgia conflict as an example. McCain’s response: Clear act of aggression on Russia’s part. Stop now or there will be consequences. Obama’s response, take 1: Now, now, boys. Let’s all take a step back here. You both need a time out. Response 2: Hmm. Let’s refer this to the UN Security Council [What? Russia has a veto??? Oh, shit.]. Response 3: What McCain said.

Obama has shown clearly time and again that he is in waaaay over his head with respect to foreign policy issues. He doesn’t have a clue. And I really, again, don’t think you want to be comparing his experience (or quite apparent lack thereof) to Palin’s. That’s a battle you’re going to lose time and time again. But by all means, here’s a gun. Your foot’s down there….

3) Umm … what? I’m guessing you’re referring, in some oblique, nuanced way to Bristol’s pregnancy and perhaps to the false meme that Governor Palin only wants abstinence-only sex ed in schools? She wants it all taught. (see #28, just for an example; but read the whole thing)

You’re gonna have to try harder than that. Really. Obambi’s gonna get his ass kicked on November 4th, and the rest of the Democratic Party’s going down with him. If we’re really lucky, within the next four years, the Republican Party will completely implode, and we’ll have a shot at seeing some legitimate third parties rise to the occasion. I can always dream.

4. nukemhill - September 13, 2008

Oh, and by the way. Since you’re all up for Sarah getting all the tough questions that Obama’s been getting about foreign policy, how’s about Obama gets all those tough questions about Rezko, Ayers, etc.? Seems only fair, after all. I mean, Sarah’s getting her receipts scrutinized, her husband’s associations with AIP analyzed, etc.

Are you going to start clamoring for the press to put Obama’s associations under the same light? I’m thinking not.

5. Undecided - September 14, 2008

First off, I enjoy how McCain has proposed solutions to the Russia/Georgia situation such as 1. Remove Russia from the G8 and 2. Impose economic sanctions 3. Add Georgia/The Ukraine to NATO. Now, you can talk a big game if you want about actually standing and fighting here, but who is going to support you? Europe, who gets 60% of their energy from oil and natural gas from Russia? I think not. And since they make up most of NATO and half of the G8… I doubt either of those solutions would work. And economic sanctions? What, so Russia would cut off energy anyway?

Either way, it boils down to the big issue of this campaign– energy independence. And to be honest, both of these candidates SUCK at it with their policies. Offshore drilling is about as laughable as it is expensive. If you’re going with oil, the U.S. dilemma is not oil harvesting, it’s oil refining. Our refineries are already at maximum capacity. Why is that not addressed? Ethanol is equally awful because of economic consequences, the government subsidies of corn have driven down the supply of other agricultural products such as wheat and soybeans because they are now unprofitable to produce, and is killing the U.S. smaller-end farmer.

And why have you taken my attacks on both candidates and turned them into a pro-Obama spew? I’m all for Obama answering questions on Ayers and Rezko and Rev. Wright and Farrakhan and all the rest if the media wants to waste its time doing so… But the Republican strategists understand that posing these questions will end up only influencing voters that wouldn’t vote for Obama anyway (If you believed that he was a Muslim or an Antichrist, etc. you were looking for a reason to hate him, just as people are looking for reasons to hate Palin). And, at the same time, you are just giving more media attention to a member of the other party, which is never good.

Case in point: Palin’s popularity among citizens has skyrocketed due to massive media coverage. Meanwhile Joe Biden’s has flatlined because he has not been shown at all… except for commenting on Palin. Basically, my point of criticizing Beck is this: Give me Palin’s record, give me her decisions, because actions really do speak louder than words. I don’t care about an interview with Charlie Gibson, who along with Bill O’Reilly are the two biggest assholes to dissenting views in popular media. It just seems like another report from CNN, who seems to not understand that far left + far right does not equal “fair and balanced” reporting. FOX and MSNBC are equally horrible. You really can’t go anywhere for election coverage without people trying to spoon-feed you bullshit. I think we can all agree that we need arguments and counterarguments on the same thing from the same source; otherwise, what can you do but call “bias?”

Just my two cents. Please don’t take as much offense to my comments this time around… they are not a personal attack on you. Just take them at face value and try not to throw implications of them at me. Because you have no idea who I am or where I stand on these issues.

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