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On Olbermann and MS-NBC September 9, 2008

Posted by nukemhill in Politics (Ghahh!).

My brother-in-law and I have been emailing back and forth furiously for the past few months, trading (mostly) friendly barbs over Obama and McCain.  He, as should be quite apparent from the current threads of this blog, does not share my enthusiasm for McCain.  Of course, neither did I, until recently!

I fired off an email to him a couple nights ago, chortling over the headline that had popped up on Drudge about Olbermann and Matthews losing their heads seats for the rest of the campaign.  I, of course, think Olbermann’s a complete blow-hard, and Matthews is disgustingly sychophantic.  What they do with their talkshows is their business.  They’ve obviously found a niche, and Olbermann’s pulling them in with his nightly Countdown.

But the way they’ve covered the election has been reprehensible.  And I said as much to Mark.  Laughing the whole time at them getting canned.  He responded back saying it was too bad, because he felt Olbermann was the best coverage available.  I fired back a blistering rant, which he loved.  I figured I’d repost it here for public consumption.

Yeah, if you’re into partisan hackery.
Let me know the next time Olby actually grows a big enough pair to actually have someone on who fundamentally disagrees with him about something.  And has a legitimate conversation, without resorting to “get a shovel, Joe” or “Get him off the stage”, or nonsense like that.  I’d love to see him try to defend his positions with someone who has, you know, facts at their disposal.
Partisan ranting is great.  That’s why the Right loves them some Rush and Hannity.  Hell, I’ve tuned into both sides on occasion, just to get a little red meat in my system.  It’s fun.  Sometimes yelling at a blowhard on the radio is is quite cathartic.  And I’ve chewed Rush out as often as I have Franken (‘course, I haven’t heard him much lately….).  Obviously for different reasons, though.
But Olbermann trying to sell himself as some sort of modern day Edward R. Murrow, dispensing hard news with no clear favor (The NBC executives are still trying to foist that one off on us.  Hah!), when the hardwired bias is clear for anyone is ridiculous.  Rush and Hannity and the gang at Air America are very clearly talk radio, not news radio.  And anyone who thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves.
Olbermann has done critical damage to an already seriously damaged NBC image.  They’re a laughing stock around the industry, right now.  Their credibility is practically zero, much to Brokaw’s consternation.
And don’t even try to compare what he does to Fox News.  If they put O’Reilly in charge of the news desk and tried to foist him off as objective, I’d rail at them, too.  But they don’t.
My god, Olbermann and Matthews were practically begging Obama to have their babies a couple of weeks ago.  Please!!! 😉
A little red meat for a Tuesday afternoon.  Feel free to comment.
Update:  Sorry for the formatting in the quoted text.  Seems that cutting and pasting the email into WordPress isn’t quite working the way I thought it would.


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