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McCain/Palin Smears Vetting Zone September 7, 2008

Posted by nukemhill in Sarah Palin.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time of late reading through lots of different blogs discussing the amazing hatchet job the press (as proxies of the DNC) has been trying to do on Sarah Palin, and through her on John McCain.  The public backlash against this witch hunt has been, if not completely unexpected, still surprisingly strong.  McCain’s already up by 3 in the latest Gallup, and there may be a couple more days of post-convention bounce left.  Tomorrow’s Rasmussen will also be telling.

So, obviously the word is out that the press and the Democratic Party have gone beyond the pale, and the backlash against them is looking to be profound.  The problem is, there’s still so much shit out there about Palin, in particular, and even about McCain.  It’s really hard to keep up.  I’ve been getting emails from well-meaning relatives who are scared to death of Palin, because they’re not oriented towards Conservativism to begin with, and she’s been cast as the devil-incarnate by the MSM.  And there are some true Left-tards on Tweeter who are saying remarkably dispicable things.

It would be nice, if I may finally get to my point, if there were a clearing house of people who were focused on particular aspects of who Palin and McCain are, so that the issues that come up (some of them justifiably–like the possibility that Palin was trying to censor books in her Wasilla town library) can be addressed thoroughly.  There’s a lot of work being done out there to get to the truth, especially behind the smears.  It just takes some work sometimes to dig it up.

Some blogs/sites that are worth following, that I know of:

  • HotAir.  AllahPundit and Ed Morrissey have done a lot of heavy lifting, both in their own footwork and in linking to the appropriate outside sources.  Allah with his typical wit and pessimism, and a remarkable grasp of details and, dare I say it, nuance.  Ed with a solid sense of what Conservativism means to him and many people, and an ability to give background to a lot of the stories they cover.
  • Beldar.  Bill Dyer (Beldar–yes, that name should ring a bell, Conehead fans) has been tooting Sarah Palin’s horn (hmm, might want to reword that!) for several months now, and is where I found my first in-depth information about her a couple of months ago.  He’s got a whole series of longer posts going into detail about her strengths as a candidate, and debunks several of the smears thrown against her of late.  Good reading.
  • Protein Wisdom.  Just go there.  But take your dictionary, thesaurus, and a good book on English Literary Theory, or the current lack thereof.  And a thick skin.  Jeff Goldstein has been laying out a blistering attack on political correctness in particular, and Post-Modernism in general, for several years now.  He pulls absolutely no punches, and is raunchy as hell, to boot.  If you can get over your finer sensibilities being violated, he’s well worth the read.  And of late, has been going guns-ablazing against the smear-machines.
  • Palin Rumors List.  Kind of a catch-all of the ginned-up rumors, smears, and trivial facts the Left is trying to use to discredit Sarah.  Kind of what I’m talking about above, but in a scaled-down manner, and really only geared towards her.  Yeoman’s work, nonetheless.

There are, of course, others: The Weekly Standard, The Corner at NRO, Little Green Footballs, just to name a couple off of the top of my head.

I guess most of what I want is already out there.  But it would be good if someone had the time to really be a central authority.  Not that I think there really can be any one person or entity for that, but something.

I’ll keep keeping up with these.  If I have anything to contribute myself, I’ll certainly do my part.

Update:  Ace of Spades has been doing a ferocious job, too.  He’s been particularly fond of eviscerating Andrew Sullivan, who’s been reprehensible with his rumor-mongering.



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