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Did McCain/Palin Time the Pregnancy Announcement Wrong? September 1, 2008

Posted by nukemhill in Sarah Palin.

C4, over at WBAL, on his afternoon radio show, posited that today’s announcement of Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy and pending nuptials was horribly handled by McCain’s advisors.  He thinks that Palin should have dropped the news a week or so ago, before she was announced as the VP candidate, and that way the news cycle would have been done with it, and they could have moved on.  As it is, C4 thinks that all of the momentum they picked up this weekend has been lost.

I’m not so sure.  I think he makes a fair point, but it presumes that the press would have let it go by the time Sarah was announced.  I’m not that sanguine about it.

McCain and Palin aren’t just competing against the Obama/Biden and the Democrats.  They’re in battle with the Main Stream Media, as well.  The facts of Bristol’s pregnancy and impending marriage are unavoidable.  The news had to come out at some point.  The question is whether there was enough time for the news cycle to digest it and move on.  I think McCain and Palin were going to get screwed by the press no matter what.

If Palin had, for example, released a note to the press a couple of weeks ago, it certainly would not have been a big deal initially, except for some twitters about “those Christianists and their family values”.  But as soon as McCain makes his announcement–BOOM.  The press digs it up and it’s roll-in-the-muck-and-slime all weekend.  They would have been slinging questions at Mac and Sarah all weekend long.  Result?  No momentum.  And McCain and Palin probably wouldn’t have been able to kick Obama off the front page nearly as effectively, either.

This was McCain and company trying to make the best of a bad situation.  Short of skipping over Sarah and going with another candidate (in retrospect, I can’t imagine McCain finding anyone with nearly the splash-making ability Sarah has), they had to just about flip a coin on when to announce the “happy” news.  They may be hoping, in fact, that the press and Dems make too big a deal of this, and shoot themselves in the foot with it.  Who knows.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.  I have absolutely no hope that the press is going to shrug its collective shoulders and move on to cover the issues.  This is an issue to them.

We’ll see.



1. marvelthemustang - September 1, 2008

I’m upset with them painting a bulls-eye on a teenager’s back and daring the Dems to do something about it. Talk about respecting someone’s privacy? Perhaps her mom should be putting her family first at this time? A pre-term special needs baby, a pregnant newly married teenager who will deliver when mom heads off to D.C?

2. nukemhill - September 1, 2008

If, in fact, that’s what they did, then I share your concern. I’m not convinced, yet. This has a while to play out.

I’m cautiously optimistic that Sarah’s as guileless as she appears. I may very well be wrong, though.

Thanks for commenting.

3. McGehee - September 1, 2008

Really, the bull’s-eye got painted on that whole family’s backs the moment her name came up as a possible McCain running mate. The fact people were insinuating Trig was really Bristol’s kid in the first place is proof enough of that.

At what point do we stop submitting to the other side’s rules and tell them to uckfay themselves? Apparently Todd,k Sarah and Bristol have decided now’s as good a time as any.

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