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Latest Link Collection April 28, 2008

Posted by nukemhill in Uncategorized.

Haven’t had a chance to really write the last few days.  Maybe tonight.  In the meantime, here’s a new link collection:

  • An argument made by the Heritage Foundation saying that the tax rate cuts in 1997 sent the economy into overdrive.  Interesting timing, as I heard Krugman on Bloomberg Radio a few days ago arguing that the tax hikes of ’93 were a counter argument to the Laffer Curve.  Heritage is saying that the tax rate hikes, in fact, were non-evidentiary of either slowing down or picking up the economy in that time frame, as we were coming out of a recession, and moving really according to what one would expect.  However, the tax rate cuts put through by the Republican Congress in ’97 were rocket fuel for the economy, and we saw a massive increase in collected taxes as a result.  Pretty interesting reading, and a positive argument for Laffer economic theory.  RTWT.
  • Wikipedia entry on Literate Programming, as originally proposed by Knuth.  I don’t think this is really anything revolutionary (especially since Knuth originally came up with the concept in 1981!).  I think this is the ideal any legitimate programmer would strive towards.  But that may just be me.
  • FusionIQRank.  Supposed to have a pretty solid track record of stock advise.
  • Hmm.  That’s it.  Haven’t been collecting as much lately.  Have to work on that….


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