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Clinton/Bush Derangement Syndrome November 7, 2007

Posted by nukemhill in Politics (Ghahh!).

Rick Moran at Right Wing Nuthouse (great title!) absolutely eviscerates the loons on both the Left and the Right for their over-the-top conspiracy theories wrt the Clintons and Dubya.  I’ve often said that the biggest mistake the Republicans made during the Clinton years was to push for impeachment.  I believed it then, when I reluctantly sympathized with Clinton, even though I didn’t believe him (yes, possible cognitive dissonance approaching!); I believe it now, when I look back on all of the obvious mistakes he made as President.

Had the Republicans merely asked for a public censure, I think the Democrats would have happily accepted that, and the public would have been satisfied.  As it is, getting Clinton impeached, and the public spectacle of a completely worthless trial, really pissed a lot of the Left off.  And they have nothing if not long, selective, memories.  Once Bush was elected (‘selected’ as they would put it), the Far Left members of the Democrat Party had their sites set.  And it’s been downhill ever since.  I’ve moved away from the Democrat Party mostly because the loons have so much power.  But I lay a lot of the blame for that at the Republicans’ feet.  They dug their own grave with the impeachment.  Now we’re all suffering as a result.



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