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Yet Another Summary of the Facts around Iraq/al Qaeda April 14, 2007

Posted by nukemhill in WoT.

National Review has a summary of a larger article basically taking exception to Senator Levin’s and the Washington Post’s denial of what we knew and surmised about Saddam’s connection to al Qaeda before the war. It gets tiresome attempting to refute all of the lies told by the Left, in their ongoing smear campaign against Bush and the War on Terror. If only the Bush Administration would spend some time defending themselves, it might not seem so hopeless.

Update: A follow-up by Andy McCarthy–More Connection — the 1998 Fatwa–in which he highlights some important points in the ’98 Fatwa issued by bin Laden. OBL uses Iraq as a central argument for issuing the Fatwa. Funny that.

But I’m sure there was never any connection between al Qaeda and Iraq. None at all. Just keep repeating that to yourselves while you click your heals together. I’m sure Oz is right around the corner….



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