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Did Joseph Wilson Out His Wife? March 17, 2007

Posted by nukemhill in WoT.

Here’s an article at Sweetness & Light contending that Joseph Wilson was actually the one who outed his wife, Valerie Plame Wilson, as an analyst at the CIA. A chronology of events is discussed, wherein Wilson’s attempts at discrediting Bush, et al, are put in context. The primary claim is that Wilson, in a fit of pique, after being identified as a ‘low level diplomat’, ran around to various Democratic entities, and news agencies, and gave his case as an important player, using his wife’s position as evidence, speaking ‘truth to power’, to cop a phrase.

It’s a pretty damning chronology, and there is lots of circumstantial evidence to support the claim, but nothing direct, at least not at first glance. If the current investigation by the Dems on the Hill were anything more than a sham, then they’d attempt to track down the various parties involved, put them under oath, and ask relevant questions about Wilson’s contacts, and what he said to them. It’ll never happen though, because they’re not interested in the truth. It’s all about show, and attempting to discredit Bush even more. Bush has lots to answer to, but lying about WMDs isn’t one of them. Wilson has done more to damage the credibility of this country than any single individual in recent history. His name should be stricken from all of the records.

MORE (2007-03-19): National Review:

One thing worth adding to Byron’s good piece this morning: Bob Novak has consistently maintained that when he referred to Plame as a “CIA operative” in his column he did not mean to imply she was covert – on the contrary, he would not have named her had he believed that. I see no reason to doubt Novak on this.

And surely Novak’s source, Richard Armitage, would not knowingly reveal the name of a CIA agent he believed had covert status. Armitage may be a gossip but he is not a traitor: He would not intentionally do anything that might endanger the lives of American spies and their contacts.

So I ask again: If Armitage and Novak did not believe Plame was (or had formerly been) undercover, where did that idea come from? The answer: It was first raised in a story by the Nation’s David Corn. And the only source named in that story is Joe Wilson, who had a close relation with Corn and with the Nation.

Does this suggest it was really Wilson who exposed his wife’s covert status and did so, in league with Corn, as a way to damage the White House? If there’s a more logical or likely interpretation of the facts as we now know then, I haven’t heard it. [Emphasis mine]

Again, circumstantial evidence.  And relying on the word of Novak and Armitage may not be exactly sound.  But it’s all consistent.  I believe Wilson’s to blame.  Good job, Joe.



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