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Are We Losing the Long War? February 8, 2007

Posted by nukemhill in WoT.

Joe Katzman at Winds of Change has a post up which basically rips Bush and his administration for failing to deal with Iran.  It’s been apparent to anyone with half a brain, and the willingness to use it, that Iran has inserted itself into the conflict in Iraq.  Has been involved since early on, in fact.  We’ve IDed weapons from Iran, personnel, documentation, etc.  But the President and his senior leadership appear completely unwilling to deal with the issue.  Joe falls just short of accusing them of treason.

Maybe I’m being naive, maybe I have blinders on.  Maybe I’m trusting too much in the skills and will-power of the Presidency.  I simply can’t believe that we would allow our troops to be in a shooting gallery without giving them 100% support in executing their mandate.  Then again, maybe Bush has completely lost focus, and has no energy left with which to fight this fight.  I don’t know.  Given that we’ve seen a significant increase in helicopter shoot-downs over the last few weeks, and the weaponry is apparently getting to the insurgency from Iran, it seems we have Causus Belli to pursue at least a legitimate border shut-down with Iran, and the freedom to nail any Iranians in Iraq we think aren’t above suspicion.  Maybe this escalates tensions with Iran.  So what.  We can’t let the situation remain as it is.  This becomes a victory for Iran, and a huge set back for Western Democracy.

Is Bush really willing to kick the can down the road for the next administration?  I don’t have any faith that a problem ignored now will be a problem dealt with firmly in the future.  Not without first having to deal with a catastrophe internally….

RTWT.  Read the comments to the post, too.  They’re enlightening as well.



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