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Animated Map of Iraq from DefenseLink January 11, 2007

Posted by nukemhill in WoT.

Here’s an interesting map of Iraq.  It illustrates the rate of hand-overs to the Iraqi military of the various provinces.  A couple of things come to mind:

  1. It is glaring that Anbar and Baghdad are outside of the fold, still.
  2. How seriously can we take it when our military is saying that the Iraqi military is ‘taking the lead’ in these various provinces?  How secure does that make them?

What are we supposed to believe about this?  I’d like to think we really are making progress, but the stories of corruption and extremism that are coming out about the Iraqi police really make me wonder how reliable the military is.

From the bottom of the page:

Responsibility For Security Backgrounder

The Selection Of A Province For Transfer
To Iraqi Control Is Based On Four Criteria:

Threat Level: U.S. and Iraqi commands examine the threats to the security of a province.  If Iraqi Provincial authorities can ensure security and domestic order through the normal use of local police, the province is ready for transfer.

Iraqi Security Forces: The Iraqi Security Forces in the province are studied to determine if their training, equipment and capability are capable of protecting Iraqi citizens.

Governance: The governor must be capable of overseeing security operations.  A Joint Operations Room must be capable of coordinating activities.  An Iraqi Ministry of Defense and Iraqi Ministry of the Interior intelligence structure must support the Iraqi Police.

Multi National Force – Iraq: MNF-I must be capable of reinforcing Iraqi Security Forces if necessary. Coalition Forces will continue to help coordinate civil reconstruction projects.  MNF-I will conduct activities in conjunction with the policies of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior and Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

Time will tell, if we have enough….

<Hat tip:  Jonah @ The Corner>



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