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The “Objectivity” of our Press June 16, 2006

Posted by nukemhill in Politics (Ghahh!), WoT.

Here's an interesting blurb from OpFor.  He quotes a panel of retired Generals and Flag Officers who are discussing the Public Affairs battle that we are losing.  Here's a particularly relevant piece:

Third, the stories that are filed by reporters in the field very seldom reach the American public as written. An anecdote from Col. McMaster illustrates this dramatically. TIME magazine recently sent a reporter to spend six weeks with the 3rd ACR as they were in the battle of Tal Afar. When the battle was over, the reporter filed his story and also included close to 100 pictures that the accompanying photographer took. TIME published a cover story on the battle a week later, allegedly using the story sent in by their reporter. When the issue came out, the guts had been edited out of their reporter’s story and none of the pictures he submitted were used. Instead they showed a weeping child on the cover, taken from stock photos. When the reporter questioned why his story was eviscerated, his editors in New York responded that the story and pi ctures were “too heroic”. McMaster had read both and told me that the editors had completely changed the thrust and context of the material their reporter had submitted.

 I've been in arguments with many people over the 'objectivity' of the MSM.  One of the standard arguments is that "of course the press is Liberal.  The reporters are out in the streets, working with the people.  They're not working in an ivory tower."  This is a perfect example of why that is such an empty argument.  Here we have a reporter giving his story to his editors, and the editors are changing the fundamental nature of the article.  The editors and publishers, who are trucking to and from the office in their limos, going to social events and mingling with the Hollywood glitterati, are the ones determining editorial policy for their papers.  And they're not just determining which stories get more coverage.  They're actually changing the content of the stories that are submitted to reflect their biases!

It doesn't get any plainer than this.  What a load of crap. 



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