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Powerline: A Possible Location of Buried Chemical Weapons? June 7, 2006

Posted by nukemhill in WoT.

According to Powerline, a document has been translated that potentially identifies where some of the unaccounted for (by the UN no less) chemical weapons might be stashed:

The CIA describes Iraq's Military Industrialization Commission as "the key organization through which WMD activities were funneled under Husayn Kamil." It seems clear that the chemicals in question were buried to preserve them for future use after U.N. inspections had terminated. If the writer of this letter was correct, and MIC had forgotten the existence of this particular site, a logical inference would be that this was one of a number of instances where the Iraqi government buried chemical weapons underground, rather than destroying them as it claimed to have done.

We don't know yet what Uday Hussein ordered done with this particular cache, if anything. Nor do we know whether the chemicals are still there. And, of course, it is always possible that the intelligence related in the letter could be incorrect, even though the letter on its face seems credible. But this document appears to provide at least a partial answer to the question of what happened to the substantial volume of chemical weapons that the U.N. reported as unaccounted for.

The further question, of course, is what ultimately happened to this and, presumably, other buried caches? Are they still there? Were they dug up and moved? Or destroyed? Destruction seems the least likely alternative; why would Saddam's regime go to the trouble of digging up the chemicals and destroying them (as it claimed to have done years earlier) without taking credit for it with the U.N.? But if the chemicals were still there as of late 2002, why weren't they used in the ensuing war?

As we've said before, no single document or handful of documents will answer the important questions that still exist regarding Iraq's WMD programs. But this one seems particularly significant.

Here's the translation. Yes, it's by a Freeper.  Get over it.



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