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Article on ‘New Historians’ and the Mis-representation of Israel April 30, 2006

Posted by nukemhill in Judaism/Israel.

An article in Middle East Forum regarding the misrepresentations, by Morris, of Zionism and Zionists’ attitudes towards the relocation of Palestinians during the migration of Jews to Israel before, during, and after its foundation. Lots of very interesting quotes, showing how Morris selectively edits statements by Herzl, Ben-Gurion, and others, basically completely changing the intent of these people. Rather than pro-relocation, as Morris would have us believe, they are ambivalent, at best, and mostly dead set against it.

One piece of the article, in particular, about Hertzl, really took me back:

Most importantly, Herzl’s diary entry makes no mention of either Arabs or Palestine, and for good reason. A careful reading of Herzl’s diary entries for June 1895 reveals that, at the time, he did not consider Palestine to be the future site of Jewish resettlement but rather South America.[19] “I am assuming that we shall go to Argentina,” Herzl recorded in his diary on June 13. In his view, South America “would have a lot in its favor on account of its distance from militarized and seedy Europe … If we are in South America, the establishment of our State will not come to Europe’s notice for a considerable period of time.”[20] Indeed, Herzl’s diary entries during the same month illustrate that he conceived all political and diplomatic activities for the creation of the future Jewish state, including the question of the land and its settlement, in the Latin American context. “Should we go to South America,” Herzl wrote on June 9, “our first state treaties will have to be with South American republics. We shall grant them loans in return for territorial privileges and guarantees.” Four days later he wrote, “Through us and with us, an unprecedented commercial prosperity will come to South America.”[21]

Wow. I had no idea that the original Zionists (well, at least Herzl) didn’t look upon Palestine as their target, but South America. Shows how much I know about the Zionist movement. I get most of my ‘knowledge’ from the MSM, as does most everyone else. Wonder what else has been distorted. No, I don’t really wonder. I know….



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