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Different Type of Hybrid Engine April 25, 2006

Posted by nukemhill in Math/Science.

The Boston Globe has an article about a different type of hybrid engine:

The results of the years of work on his ideas were shown on screens above the company’s stand: a computer image of an odd-looking engine, its pistons moving in an old-timey stutter step, with an air tank on the side.
It’s the model for the Scuderi air-hybrid engine, an invention the Scuderis say breaks longstanding barriers to generating more power with less fuel. By their reckoning, a Scuderi engine could power a hybrid vehicle that doubles the fuel economy of a typical vehicle for a fraction of the cost of today’s gasoline-electric systems.
”We’re basically preserving technology that’s been around for a century, but we’ve tweaked it a bit and made it better,” Sal Scuderi said.
They won’t have a working prototype until next year, but the Scuderis have:

  • Verified their unique engine ideas with outside experts.
  • Raised $8 million to fund the company.
  • Patented their designs in 45 countries.

The moves put them several steps ahead of the parade of engine inventors who have made pilgrimages to Detroit over the years to tout engineering breakthroughs.



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