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What’s Up, Doc(s)? March 11, 2006

Posted by nukemhill in WoT.

According to The Weekly Standard, our esteemed Intelligence Czar (Negroponte) is sitting on the millions of documents and thousands of hours of tapes that we have confiscated from Iraq since the war. Why, is anybody’s guess, but one theory is that the evidence of subterfuge from certain third parties (aka Russia) is so damning that it might cause them great embarrassment, and a resulting diplomatic ‘flap.’

The actual contents of the documents is unknown, but given the rather explosive information of the few hours of recordings that have been released so far (Hussein’s advisors admitting to having successfully hidden elements of their WMD programs from the weapons inspectors during the ’90s), one can only think (reasonably) there’s quite a bit more of this to be revealed.

Given Russia’s role in trying to tuck Iran’s shirt in re: their weapons program, I think it’s pretty prudent of us to lay all the cards out on the table and let the world know who is playing footsie with whom (so to speak). Enough of playing nice. We are relying on Russia to keep Iran in line, and Russia may very well not have that as their end-game.



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