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The Heroes of the Left February 27, 2006

Posted by nukemhill in Politics (Ghahh!), WoT.

There are two people, in particular, that the Left tends to use as a battering ram against those who thought that Bush got it right about Iraq: Scott Ritter and Richard Clarke. They are supposed members of the “Right” who “saw the light” and have outed Bush as the obvious dissembler that everybody knows him to be. These two are quoted extensively, with no regard for the relevancy or correctness of their arguments. Here are some articles that dig into some of their histories, showing us some reality. Decide for yourself. I question their motives.

Emperor’s Clothes: “The Lies of Scott Ritter”

PowerLine: “Richard Clarke: Fraud”

WorldNetDaily: “How Richard Clarke Concocted the TWA 800 ‘exit strategy'”

Now, there is a difference between reporting of facts, and speculation, and there’s plenty of both in these articles. But it’s pretty easy to distinguish between the two. The facts, as reported, stand on their own. You can take or leave the speculation. I won’t bother to deal with that. Some of it is quite off-the-wall. But that doesn’t detract from the overwhelming facts in the articles. Scott Ritter and Richard Clarke are not the flawless characters the Left portrays them to be. And believe me, if these two were arguing for Bush, you can bet they’d be filleted by the likes of Al Franken.



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